In today's smartphone market, innovation is a driving force behind the development of new devices. 

The phone boasts a remarkably slim 3D curved display, seamlessly blending the delicate curved surface with the frame. 

Introducing a new generation of smart aura light with variable color temperatures, providing exceptional lighting in low-light conditions 

Equipped with a 2X Pro Portrait lens featuring the Sony IMX 663 Sensor, this phone enables the capture of crystal-clear portraits 

The front camera with an industry-leading 50 MP, upgraded Field Of View of 92 degrees 

Vivo's proprietary FlashCharge Technology offers an impressive 80 W of charging power, enabling a rapid 1-50% charge in just 18 minutes. 

Capturing fast-paced sports scenes like dancing, running, or skateboarding has always been a challenge due to motion blur. 

The Ultra Slim 3D Curved Display smartphone embodies innovation, combining cutting-edge design with advanced features.